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digging compost

We offer year-round, practical learning opportunities for Primary & Secondary age school-children and young adults in our ‘outdoor classroom’.

Over the past 12 years our senior Gardeners have built up thousands of hours contact time delivering practical food-growing sessions (see our ‘partners’ page for a list of academic institutions we’ve worked with.)

We also have a strong track record of delivering therapeutic horticulture sessions for students with learning difficulties and ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’.

Experience has led us to conclude that a medium-length programme of 1 academic-year duration (weekly tailored sessions) provides learners with a solid grounding in organic food growing, introducing them to a wide variety of crops, tools, principles & techniques with sufficient time to learn and refine new skills.

preparation and sowing

However, where this is not possible shorter programmes can still provide a useful introduction to the themes outlined above. One-off visits/tours give learners a ‘seaonal snapshot’ of the garden and its crops, but leave little or no time for engaging in practical activities.

We’re also able to provide tailored after-school and school-holiday gardening clubs.

Price: varies depending on class size, session duration, programme length – contact us to discuss how we can cater for your group’s unique needs.