We have the largest collection of apples in Brighton with orchards that were planted by the local community back in 2006. The collection contains cookers, eaters and cider apples.

Allington Pippin/American Mother/ Ashmead’s Kernel/ Annie Elizabeth/ Ashmead’s Kernal/ Barnack Beauty/ Beauty of Bath/ Blenheim Orange/ Charles Ross/ Claygate Pearmain/ Crawley Beauty/ Darcy Spice/ Egremont Russet/ Exeter Cross/ Galloway Pippin/ Golden Noble/ James Grieve/ Jonagold/ Jupiter/ Katy/ Kent/ Kids Orange Red/ King of the Pippins/ Kingston Black/ Kirton Fair/  Laxtons Superb/ Lemon Pippin/ Monarch/ Newton Wonder/Pitmaston Pineapple/ Princess/ Rajka/ Rosemary Russet/ Roundway Magnum Bonum/ Slack Ma Girdle/ Sops in Wine/ Sunset/ Suntan/ Sweet Coppin/ Tale Sweet/ Tydemans Late Orange/ Upton Pyne/ Winston/ WInter Peach