Working Together

weedingcrop  We were reminded this week of just how amazing the project is for bringing people from all different backgrounds together as we had a great turnout to enjoy the warm sunshine. On one day this half term we had 15 people from 5 different countries, with ages between 1 and 70! It included teachers, carers, unemployed, students, artists, mums, a cleaner and a mechanic! Some were as fit as athletes and some were in very poor health. For some it was their first visit, and for some(6) they have been volunteering for over 8 years! As the days get shorter people increasingly value time spent outdoors, working and chatting together. At the end there were plenty of salad bags to take home with at least a dozen different herbs and leaves in them! Few spaces exist like this, where anyone can come along and be immediately part of such incredible diversity of plants and people! Come check it out for yourself!